Dillon Force Gauges, Digital Scales & Crane Scales

Dillon scales are known for their reliability, strength and quality. Founded in 1937 by William C. Dillon, the company started off as a supplier of cable tensioning products. Their reputation grew quickly and Dillon became known for their force measurement devices. In 1986 Dillon became part of Avery Weigh-Tronics and they continue to supply quality crane scales, force gauges, digital scales and electronic scales worldwide.

Force gauges are necessary for spring testing, food quality, wire testing and weld force between electrodes. Industries manufacturing cans with peel-off tops can depend on a Dillon force gauge to determine the measurement needed for the seal. The Dillon force gauge come in a vast assortment of capacities, depending on what your industry requires. For spring and wire tests, the force gauge helps monitor peak loads in tension and compression. In the food industry the force gauge can aid in generating data about any raw materials prior to incorporating them into the manufacturing process. Dillon force gauges are competitively priced when compared to other similar products in this field.

Dillon provides a wide variety of crane scales to get the job done right in industrial lifting work. Whether it is a heavy-duty job or a lighter project, Dillon crane scales are equipped to identify accurate load weights for a safe move. Transporting objects from one place to another requires a precise amount of force. Each crane scale is constructed in such a way so as to withstand nature’s elements or other harsh conditions. The durability of Dillon crane scales allows these to be a top choice among those in need of a rugged hook and lift device.

Dillon’s dynamometers are top-of-the-line quality, enabling those who need to measure a force to ensure proper operation to do so without worry. Dynamometers are used in testing out engine development, keying in on combustion reactions and the calibration of engine management controls. Medical staff benefit from Dillon’s dynamometers which ascertain the ability of a patient to exert force with one of these handheld devices. The world at large unknowingly benefits from the dynamometer, as it is a device that helps researchers quantify force in order to apply it to the field of ergonomics – providing comfort worldwide in most people-driven products.

Laboratories, universities and doctors’ offices have discovered the efficient and economical choice for their digital scales and electronic scales manufactured under the Dillon name. Patients weighing in are pleased with an accurate reading on the digital scale. Students enjoy the reliability of sample measurements taken for use in school experiments. Laboratories both in the US and internationally continue to benefit from Dillon scales for complete satisfaction. Dillon backs their products with years of experience and a fine-tuned financial savings packed into the deal. So whichever scale or force gauge you are in the market for, rest assured that Dillon is a name you can count on.



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