Chatillon Force Gauge That Best Suits Your Needs

For a vast selection of quality force measurement products, many industries rely on Chatillon. Chatillon started out all the way back in 1835. With over 150 years of experience they are well-equipped to handle jobs big or small that require the use of force gauges and weighing scales. Their products are instilled with ingenuity to bring the best value to the market. Whether you are in the food industry, medical industry, packaging service or laboratory, Chatillon has the force gauge or weight scale that best suits your unique situation.

Force gauges are primarily used for spring testing, food quality, wire testing and determining weld force between electrodes. Springs used for latches and closures must ensure the precise measurement of force in order to function properly. Wires must be checked for strength of force when exertion is places upon them in applications. Chatillon offers digital, ergonomic, hydraulic and mechanical force gauges. Keeping up with technology, their hand-held ergonomic devices are equipped with blue tooth capacity and easy to read high matrix LCD. Your customer service provider can help you to select which type of force gauge best suits your needs.

For spring and wire tests, the force gauge helps monitor peak loads in tension and compression. The mechanical force gauge comes in handy here as it is prepared to handle a wide-range of testing at an economically sound price. In the food industry the force gauge can aid in generating data about any raw materials prior to incorporating them into the manufacturing process. The mechanical overload feature prevents the force gauge from damage and is a must for food manufacturing plants that use multiple workers and frequent usage of weighing scales and measurement devise. Chatillon prides themselves with a gamut of full loaded force measurement instruments that are competitively priced and packed with value so that all industries can benefit from the ideal measurement solution that doesn’t compromise quality or financial standing.

The testing done in engine development heavily relies on an accurate force gauge to produce data that will likely be reviewed by the Department of Safety. Chatillon force gauges help key in on combustion reactions and the calibration of engine management controls. Medical personnel benefit from the ergonomic force gauges which ascertain the ability of a patient to exert force after an injury to the upper limbs. These measuring devices are conveniently held in the hand and do not require any complicated maneuvering to produce dependable results for gathering data over the course of time. Chatillon weighing scales are also a great benefit to doctors, nurses and researchers as they collect data swiftly and easily using a gram scale or other type of digital scale. Chatillon is definitely a go-to for all your measuring solutions.

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