The push and pull of workmanship: When only force will do

Analyzing pressure.

Pressure is a capacity based on multiple factors. The pressure you most commonly refer to is human capacity, measured in stress increments and dependent on surrounding factors. There are always causes of stress, and the same holds true for products and lab materials.

In manufacturing, pressure levels are often tested for wear and tear, safety Chatillon DFS2-500 Digital Force Gauge - 500 x 0.05 lbfand durability. It’s perhaps the only way of accurately detecting an item’s potency in its prototype form. Force gauges help manufacturers and lab technicians detect flaws and hazards while in pre production mode.

Not created equal.

It’s important to know that each industry has a very individual level of force to be calculated. Ranges depend on the item’s primary use, exposure to specific levels or temps, maximum heat or force applied, and other variables. An aircraft, for example, needs to be tested at a way higher pressure point than a coffee urn. Altitude, air pressure, extreme heat or cold, and many more factors will determine the accurate force reading for a specific device.

Mechanical and digital force gauges are the most popular form of measurement used to calculate force. Measured in Newtons, it’s best to use a gauge at 20-80% of its capacity.

Beyond the breaking point.

Some manufacturers seek to measure an item’s maximum force level to remain intact, while other force gauge tests are used to determine a level of breakage. Gauges measure max before combustion, overheating, peeling or other forms of deterioration.

The push and pull test from a digital force gauge will involve an inner load cell, electronic components, software and a clear display. The load cell converts force into an electrical signal for accurate readings.

To sue or persue.

Many items are tested and retested to stand the test of time and negate any cause of liability. Elevators, subways, aircrafts and ordinary doors or windows require reliable testing to be protected in the event of a possible lawsuit. As such, compatible force gauges should always be used to protect your clients, and your company, from possible damage.Mark 10 Series 7 Digital Force Gauges

Where medicine meets deli.

Force gauges are so varied, they are an essential measuring device used in medical facilities, aircraft plants and your local deli. There’s never just one device across the board that’s a right fit for all. Instead, it’s important to purchase a force gauge that’s customized to the capacity level and unique components of the items being measured. Calculating potency always starts with a potent force gauge, and it’s never too late to measure things right.

Here to help.

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Mettler Toledo Analytical Balances & Scales

Mettler Toledo is a leading provider of weighing devices for industrial, food retail and laboratory settings. Founded in 1989, Mettler Toledo continues to make strides in the advancement of analytical balances and weighing scales through innovation and dedication to greater value for their customers. As their products continuously improve, they are careful to maintain a level of affordability to the public sectors. They have made their mark internationally by setting up across the globe servicing 36 countries. Mettler Toledo manufacturing plants are located in the USA, China and Europe.

For the laboratory, Mettler Toledo features a variety of analytical balances. Transferring chemicals from one place to another requires the utmost care. These analytical scales are prepared to handle the most sensitive materials. Each scale features an easy-to-operate touchscreen. Displays have large colorful readability enabling researchers to take notes with ease. There is also a USB port to connect devices and chart progress without pen and paper. Weighing substances is a science in itself. The initial sample must be accurate to ensure that future results are reliable. Having the right weighing scale makes a world of difference, saving both time and money when the sample is accurate the first time around.

In the Industrial zone, weighing becomes key in determining if boxes are packed accordingly, drums are filled consistently, and batches are mixed accurately. In hazardous plants, the highest level of weighing performance is demanded in order to ensure safety. Mettler Toledo manufacturers industrial scales to suit all of these specific needs and more. Their batching controller is specially designed for food retail, plastics, glass and specialty chemicals. Keeping space in mind, Mettler Toledo offers space-saving solutions, such as a control cabinet behind the weighframe. This is extremely helpful in projects that are being carried out with limited area for additional equipment.

For packaging large quantities, Mettler Toledo has bench scales and portable scales made for counting. Scales are designed with the ability to scan and print bar codes to get your packages to customers with greater ease while helping you with logistics and management systems. Durable and steadfast, these weighing scales are made to last even in dusty and damp conditions.

Mettler Toledo floor scales tackle tough jobs, handling weights from 600 to 25,000 kilograms. The rugged stainless steel platforms are easy to hose down after a long day of usage at the factory. Portable floor scale models are also readily available for servicing industries that may need to go from place to place to get the job done.

For all weighing scales and analytical balances, Mettler Toledo can walk you through the process. With over 1,000 scales to choose from, it is likely some help will be needed in selecting the ideal scale to meet your needs. They offer optional professional installation which comes with the highest possible standards of equipment set-up. Mettler Toledo adheres to local and global regulations for scale calibration. They will provide a routine calibration for those who choose to avoid costs of inaccurate measurements. For a weighing scale that is backed by years of development and research, Mettler Toledo is a top choice.

Chatillon Force Gauge That Best Suits Your Needs

For a vast selection of quality force measurement products, many industries rely on Chatillon. Chatillon started out all the way back in 1835. With over 150 years of experience they are well-equipped to handle jobs big or small that require the use of force gauges and weighing scales. Their products are instilled with ingenuity to bring the best value to the market. Whether you are in the food industry, medical industry, packaging service or laboratory, Chatillon has the force gauge or weight scale that best suits your unique situation.

Force gauges are primarily used for spring testing, food quality, wire testing and determining weld force between electrodes. Springs used for latches and closures must ensure the precise measurement of force in order to function properly. Wires must be checked for strength of force when exertion is places upon them in applications. Chatillon offers digital, ergonomic, hydraulic and mechanical force gauges. Keeping up with technology, their hand-held ergonomic devices are equipped with blue tooth capacity and easy to read high matrix LCD. Your customer service provider can help you to select which type of force gauge best suits your needs.

For spring and wire tests, the force gauge helps monitor peak loads in tension and compression. The mechanical force gauge comes in handy here as it is prepared to handle a wide-range of testing at an economically sound price. In the food industry the force gauge can aid in generating data about any raw materials prior to incorporating them into the manufacturing process. The mechanical overload feature prevents the force gauge from damage and is a must for food manufacturing plants that use multiple workers and frequent usage of weighing scales and measurement devise. Chatillon prides themselves with a gamut of full loaded force measurement instruments that are competitively priced and packed with value so that all industries can benefit from the ideal measurement solution that doesn’t compromise quality or financial standing.

The testing done in engine development heavily relies on an accurate force gauge to produce data that will likely be reviewed by the Department of Safety. Chatillon force gauges help key in on combustion reactions and the calibration of engine management controls. Medical personnel benefit from the ergonomic force gauges which ascertain the ability of a patient to exert force after an injury to the upper limbs. These measuring devices are conveniently held in the hand and do not require any complicated maneuvering to produce dependable results for gathering data over the course of time. Chatillon weighing scales are also a great benefit to doctors, nurses and researchers as they collect data swiftly and easily using a gram scale or other type of digital scale. Chatillon is definitely a go-to for all your measuring solutions.

Dillon Force Gauges, Digital Scales & Crane Scales

Dillon scales are known for their reliability, strength and quality. Founded in 1937 by William C. Dillon, the company started off as a supplier of cable tensioning products. Their reputation grew quickly and Dillon became known for their force measurement devices. In 1986 Dillon became part of Avery Weigh-Tronics and they continue to supply quality crane scales, force gauges, digital scales and electronic scales worldwide.

Force gauges are necessary for spring testing, food quality, wire testing and weld force between electrodes. Industries manufacturing cans with peel-off tops can depend on a Dillon force gauge to determine the measurement needed for the seal. The Dillon force gauge come in a vast assortment of capacities, depending on what your industry requires. For spring and wire tests, the force gauge helps monitor peak loads in tension and compression. In the food industry the force gauge can aid in generating data about any raw materials prior to incorporating them into the manufacturing process. Dillon force gauges are competitively priced when compared to other similar products in this field.

Dillon provides a wide variety of crane scales to get the job done right in industrial lifting work. Whether it is a heavy-duty job or a lighter project, Dillon crane scales are equipped to identify accurate load weights for a safe move. Transporting objects from one place to another requires a precise amount of force. Each crane scale is constructed in such a way so as to withstand nature’s elements or other harsh conditions. The durability of Dillon crane scales allows these to be a top choice among those in need of a rugged hook and lift device.

Dillon’s dynamometers are top-of-the-line quality, enabling those who need to measure a force to ensure proper operation to do so without worry. Dynamometers are used in testing out engine development, keying in on combustion reactions and the calibration of engine management controls. Medical staff benefit from Dillon’s dynamometers which ascertain the ability of a patient to exert force with one of these handheld devices. The world at large unknowingly benefits from the dynamometer, as it is a device that helps researchers quantify force in order to apply it to the field of ergonomics – providing comfort worldwide in most people-driven products.

Laboratories, universities and doctors’ offices have discovered the efficient and economical choice for their digital scales and electronic scales manufactured under the Dillon name. Patients weighing in are pleased with an accurate reading on the digital scale. Students enjoy the reliability of sample measurements taken for use in school experiments. Laboratories both in the US and internationally continue to benefit from Dillon scales for complete satisfaction. Dillon backs their products with years of experience and a fine-tuned financial savings packed into the deal. So whichever scale or force gauge you are in the market for, rest assured that Dillon is a name you can count on.

A&D Industrial Scales & Laboratory Balances

A&D Weighing Logo

A&D Weighing focuses on weighing scales and products that enable consumers to live longer healthier lives. With an emphasis in the laboratory and food industries, A&D Weighing scales are manufactured with analog and digital conversion technology. This technology brings a focus on health to the forefront. A&D Weighing was founded in 1977 and continues to contribute to the development of industries world-wide, including Japan, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Korea and the United States.

The SW Series Washdown Scales can withstand the most challenging processing and high temperature high pressure cleaning. These weighing scales are ideal for the food industry where large amounts of meat and other wet food items must be weighed and packaged. In damp conditions, the SW Series maintains sanitation requirements. Each A&D weighing scale is equipped with dust, water and condensation protection. There is mobility of the stainless steel column, enabling users to place it on either the short or long side of the weighing scale. The unit comes with the option of using an AC adapter or a battery which can provide up to 90 hours of work time.

For environments where the weighing items at a faster pace, A&D presents the “Rock-Solid” FG-K line of industrial scales. These Rock Solid digital scales are ready to handle your packaging and shipping needs. Each scale features a sample count entry. For example, if you need to pack boxes with a quantity of 100, you can simply enter the sample box of 100 on the scale and program the scale with this information to use when weighing and calculating future shipments. The convenient power off function saves battery by powering off the unit after a five minute tare at zero. The FG-K series is legal for trade and ideal for any business looking for an efficient and economically sound solution to their weighing needs.

Those working in pharmaceuticals will greatly benefit from the accuracy and practicality of A&D Weighing GF-P Pharmacy Balances. They are Legal for Trade and provide users with the ease of counting pills. These finely tuned weighing balances can measure up to a thousandth of a gram which is key in the pharmaceutical industry where each thousandth of a gram can make a world of difference. The GF-P series features a splash proof keyboard and a stainless steel weigh pan to conform with sanitary requirements.

Every business that deals with shipping knows the importance of a reliable shipping scale. The SBR Series features a rugged scale made to last through heavy usage. The weighing platform is stainless steel and large enough to handle a good hose-down when needed. Aside from the practical hands-on features, these mighty scales are prepared to process your inventory and maintain a connection with your PC for quick and easy record-keeping.

These are just a few of the many weighing scales and balances A&D Weighing manufactures. Each of their products is backed by years of research and customer feedback. The weighing equipment necessary for one industry may be vastly different than another industry’s needs but rest assure that A&D Weighing has all industrial weighing needs covered.

Improve the Efficacy of your Workout with a Heart Rate Monitor

When you know your heart rate, you can better gauge your performance and take the guesswork out of your training schedule. No matter what kind of exercise you engage in, whether you are a novice or a pro, knowing your heart rate will help you to get the most out of your workout.

Working at an optimum rate will help you to exercise at an optimal rate that will improve your performance and help you to see results faster. Setting the right pace will also help you to rid yourself of excess pounds faster. Let’s take a look at how wearing a heart rate monitor can help you train for a race.

The following comes from Runner’s World Magazine and helps runners to monitor their pace.

Workout Percent of Maximum Heart Rate (MHR)

Easy run and long run 65-75%

Tempo run 87-92%

Interval repeats 95-100%

And here are the averages for each distance:

5-K 95-97%

10-K 92-94%

Half-marathon 85-88%

Marathon 80-85%

You can calculate your maximum heart rate by using either of these simple formulas:

(A) MHR = 208 – (.7 x your age)

(B) MHR = 205 – (.5 x your age)

To calculate your heart rate, pick a day when you are in perfect condition. That means you should be rested, hydrated and you must have already completed your warm up. If you are feeling good and know you will perform well, set yourself a course so that you can run as fast as you can for two to three minutes.

Do the run once, then walk back to your starting point, when you do it the second time, run as fast as possible and take a reading when you stop. This reading with be your maximum heart rate.

Get the best heart rate monitors from


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