A&D Industrial Scales & Laboratory Balances

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A&D Weighing focuses on weighing scales and products that enable consumers to live longer healthier lives. With an emphasis in the laboratory and food industries, A&D Weighing scales are manufactured with analog and digital conversion technology. This technology brings a focus on health to the forefront. A&D Weighing was founded in 1977 and continues to contribute to the development of industries world-wide, including Japan, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Korea and the United States.

The SW Series Washdown Scales can withstand the most challenging processing and high temperature high pressure cleaning. These weighing scales are ideal for the food industry where large amounts of meat and other wet food items must be weighed and packaged. In damp conditions, the SW Series maintains sanitation requirements. Each A&D weighing scale is equipped with dust, water and condensation protection. There is mobility of the stainless steel column, enabling users to place it on either the short or long side of the weighing scale. The unit comes with the option of using an AC adapter or a battery which can provide up to 90 hours of work time.

For environments where the weighing items at a faster pace, A&D presents the “Rock-Solid” FG-K line of industrial scales. These Rock Solid digital scales are ready to handle your packaging and shipping needs. Each scale features a sample count entry. For example, if you need to pack boxes with a quantity of 100, you can simply enter the sample box of 100 on the scale and program the scale with this information to use when weighing and calculating future shipments. The convenient power off function saves battery by powering off the unit after a five minute tare at zero. The FG-K series is legal for trade and ideal for any business looking for an efficient and economically sound solution to their weighing needs.

Those working in pharmaceuticals will greatly benefit from the accuracy and practicality of A&D Weighing GF-P Pharmacy Balances. They are Legal for Trade and provide users with the ease of counting pills. These finely tuned weighing balances can measure up to a thousandth of a gram which is key in the pharmaceutical industry where each thousandth of a gram can make a world of difference. The GF-P series features a splash proof keyboard and a stainless steel weigh pan to conform with sanitary requirements.

Every business that deals with shipping knows the importance of a reliable shipping scale. The SBR Series features a rugged scale made to last through heavy usage. The weighing platform is stainless steel and large enough to handle a good hose-down when needed. Aside from the practical hands-on features, these mighty scales are prepared to process your inventory and maintain a connection with your PC for quick and easy record-keeping.

These are just a few of the many weighing scales and balances A&D Weighing manufactures. Each of their products is backed by years of research and customer feedback. The weighing equipment necessary for one industry may be vastly different than another industry’s needs but rest assure that A&D Weighing has all industrial weighing needs covered.

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