The push and pull of workmanship: When only force will do

Analyzing pressure.

Pressure is a capacity based on multiple factors. The pressure you most commonly refer to is human capacity, measured in stress increments and dependent on surrounding factors. There are always causes of stress, and the same holds true for products and lab materials.

In manufacturing, pressure levels are often tested for wear and tear, safety Chatillon DFS2-500 Digital Force Gauge - 500 x 0.05 lbfand durability. It’s perhaps the only way of accurately detecting an item’s potency in its prototype form. Force gauges help manufacturers and lab technicians detect flaws and hazards while in pre production mode.

Not created equal.

It’s important to know that each industry has a very individual level of force to be calculated. Ranges depend on the item’s primary use, exposure to specific levels or temps, maximum heat or force applied, and other variables. An aircraft, for example, needs to be tested at a way higher pressure point than a coffee urn. Altitude, air pressure, extreme heat or cold, and many more factors will determine the accurate force reading for a specific device.

Mechanical and digital force gauges are the most popular form of measurement used to calculate force. Measured in Newtons, it’s best to use a gauge at 20-80% of its capacity.

Beyond the breaking point.

Some manufacturers seek to measure an item’s maximum force level to remain intact, while other force gauge tests are used to determine a level of breakage. Gauges measure max before combustion, overheating, peeling or other forms of deterioration.

The push and pull test from a digital force gauge will involve an inner load cell, electronic components, software and a clear display. The load cell converts force into an electrical signal for accurate readings.

To sue or persue.

Many items are tested and retested to stand the test of time and negate any cause of liability. Elevators, subways, aircrafts and ordinary doors or windows require reliable testing to be protected in the event of a possible lawsuit. As such, compatible force gauges should always be used to protect your clients, and your company, from possible damage.Mark 10 Series 7 Digital Force Gauges

Where medicine meets deli.

Force gauges are so varied, they are an essential measuring device used in medical facilities, aircraft plants and your local deli. There’s never just one device across the board that’s a right fit for all. Instead, it’s important to purchase a force gauge that’s customized to the capacity level and unique components of the items being measured. Calculating potency always starts with a potent force gauge, and it’s never too late to measure things right.

Here to help.

To find out more about a specific order request, contact an IT Scales specialist which can help with your order details.

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